Leads Generated, qualified & delivered to you on Auto-pilot

Our mission is to assist real estate investors generate leads, qualify those leads & deliver them directly to you.

How It Works

Generate Qualified Leads, Schedule Appointments, and Close Deals

1. Cash Offer Campaign

Our system focuses on assisting homeowners looking to sell their homes within the next 30 days at a reduced price.

2. Pre-Qualifying Funnel

We utilize automation and conditional logic surveys, where leads undergo a seven-question survey to determine their qualification.

3. Filtering & Disqualification

We eliminate leads that have demonstrated a tendency to waste time and not convert. Our approach involves crafting the ideal lead profile based on verified data.

4. Appointment Booking

Upon achieving qualified status, leads gain the capability to schedule an appointment directly on your calendar.

5. Email & SMS Automation

Our system automatically engages with your leads through SMS, email, and other channels, all managed conveniently within a user-friendly inbox.

6. Close Deals

Consistently produce lucrative new acquisitions every month with our systematic approach.

$850 Service Fee + $20/Day Ad Spend

No Risk 30 - Day Free Trial

Real Estate Investors Looking For Off-Market Deals?

This complimentary consultation aims to evaluate your suitability for benefiting from our Done For You Facebook Ads + Automation Services, ensuring the generation of guaranteed buyer deals.

Who Is This For?

Real Estate Investors Seeking Assured Off-Market Deals

Real Estate Investors with a Minimum Monthly Budget of $1,450

Transparent Pricing: No Hidden Fees

All-Inclusive: Covers Both Service Fee and Ads

Flexible Ad Spending: You have the option to increase ad budget, while our service fee remains constant.

Our Service Offerings:

Done For You Motivated Seller Lead Generation

Tailored Facebook Ad Creation

Management of Facebook Ad Campaigns

Pre-Qualifying Automation and A.I. Booking Bot

Additional Information:

Competitive Pricing: Plans commence at just $850 per month

Flexible Commitment: Month-to-Month Agreement

Hassle-Free: Cancel Anytime with No Strings Attached

Details of the Consultation Call:

Personalized Interaction: A 30-Minute Consulting Call conducted via Google Meet

In-Depth Insights: I will transparently share the details of our services, providing a comprehensive overview of what we do.

Unlock Your Real Estate Potential with Automated Leads!


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